Message from Jesus, 1.7.1969

I am Jesus. I have come into your midst with my grieving Mother.I have been scourged! I have been beaten! I have been crucified, to redeem you! And you, you do not know me, you do not understand me, you do not love me!

What sacrileges you commit! You trample me from head to foot! My Body! My Blood! Think about it! Think about it, my brothers and sisters! I come to purify you, to wash you in my Blood, to inflame your heart with love for Me.

I am all love for you, I am all gentleness for you, I am all mercy for you. But you do not understand Me; you do not want to understand Me, because you already know all this! I have given you a great deal of intelligence and science, so that you can understand and love me.

I will purify you with my Blood. Yes, I will purify you! I would accept death on the Cross again to keep you safe!

 I am so trampled on! My Heavenly Mother is here, and she weeps when her children fail to listen,when they no longer want to love her, when they no longer want to recognise her as Mother and Queen of the universe.

But as for Me, I forgive everyone: all those who insult Me, those who trample Me and those who mock Me. But those who trample on my Mother and your Mother, I do not forgive them, for she gave her Son to die; she was slandered on the way to Calvary because of her Son.

And you, don’t you understand all that my and your Mother has done for you? Don't you understand that my and your Mother has the power to do anything? I have given so much power and so much knowledge and the Holy Spirit has given so much wisdom, so much love to my and your Mother to save you! To save you, my brothers and sisters, you who are in the mire, who are on the brink of the abyss! But my Mother wants to support you, wants to lead you to triumph, to salvation, in Christian love and peace
I am all love, and it is love... love that I want to give you! My Heart... My Blood... I want to pour it out of love for you and I want to purify you. Come back and repent! Return repentant to the arms of your Mother! Ask for forgiveness, ask for compassion, ask for mercy. Do not wait for the Eternal Father to do justice! If you do not listen, it will come soon!

To see so many young people trampling on Me... So many of My beloved apostles losing themselves in the world... They no longer love their Bride, the Church; they love the devil, the world. This is the truth, my apostles: open your eyes! Return repentant and I will purify you, I will wash you in my Blood; I will lead you, step by step, to the summit of the mountain; I will open the Heavens, and you will be enveloped in the arms of the Eternal Father.

Return! Return repentant, for the time has come! Jesus, your brother, is calling upon you to repent, to love. Jesus is with you, Jesus is above you. I forgive all, I purify all, I sanctify all. Return! Return! Return!

Lift up your eyes to Heaven, where the Queen of Apostles, the Mother of the Church is calling you; cling to Her as she is your Mother, Bestower of grace, Protectress of sinners, and she will do everything in her power for you! I bless you will all my heart, my brothers and sisters. Hear my word! Hear my word! Listen to Me, for sad times are coming.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen