of 9.11.1969 (extract)

Mamma Rosa announces that the Heavenly Mother has arrived at the pear tree and is all dressed in red with a radiant light that shines over the whole world. With her are the Angels and holy Martyrs who gave their lives for Jesus.

I come to this place, my children, to enrich you with grace and love, faith and great mercy, because I am the Mother of all. I come to call you night and day to this place, but few listen to me. I am mocked, ridiculed and insulted! But when the sad hour comes, what will become of you? The Eternal Father wishes justice to be done!

And I have already been calling you for five years to save you!
I have been asking for your heart for five years, to keep it in my Heart, to inflame it with love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, because Jesus is Strong. He is the Support of all those are suffering, who weep, who lament, and of the dying who depart the world at all hours of the day.
The Viaticum (Last Rites) offer comfort on this Earth and comfort for Heaven, but too few people want it; they trample on it, especially in these times!

They receive Jesus in their hands! This is painful for Me and for my Son! The Bishops, the Holy Father Paul VI do so much when they consecrate the hands of Jesus’ children, to make them pure and holy, and to make them apostles of my Son and I!
The Holy Eucharist is being trampled on! My children hold my Son Jesus in their hands! Sacrilege after sacrilege! How will you be judged when you appear before God's court? What will your punishment be? The Eternal Father is tired! He is tired, the Eternal Father! He is tired, I tell you! Think about it! Examine your conscience! Ask for forgiveness and do not do it anymore! Take spiritual communion rather than committing sacrileges, rather than offending and trampling on my Son Jesus in every way!

Jesus is a prisoner in the Tabernacle; around Him are the Angels and Saints of Heaven who adore Him. He calls the souls of my children to surround him with love and to give them His Love, to purify their hearts and sanctify them here on Earth for Heaven.

At the end of the message:I shall come three times dressed in red like today. After these three times, the Eternal Father will do justice if you do not ask for forgiveness, if you do not repent for all these sins and sacrileges. Jesus is filled with mercy; the Eternal Father will forgive everything if you ask for forgiveness. Do this, I repeat. Do it!